My HR Expert Gives Small Businesses Access to Certified, Experienced HR Professionals

For a low monthly fee, Office Managers, HR Departments of One or businesses with no HR at all, can get the advice, answers and documentation they need to get and stay HR compliant.

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Live Support

Unlimited calls, texts, or emails to our HR Hotline to get advice and answers from certified, experienced HR professionals. We are experts in small business HR and customize our answers to fit your business needs.

Monthly Compliance Updates

Never worry again that a new law is going to pass that affects your business without you knowing it. Our monthly updates ensure you are aware of all new employee laws impacting the states you operate in.

24/7 Access

Our My HR Expert site offers 24/7 access to common forms, see the answers to our most frequently asked questions, understand the laws impacting your state and download toolkits to help you put strategic HR programs in place.


Answers to the Most Common Questions Asked Through My HR Expert YouTube

Sabrina Baker, My HR Expert CEO, will be answering the most common questions received over the preceding weeks to help you stay on top of important issues. 

Peace of Mind.

Many small businesses “wing” HR compliance hoping that they are doing everything right. My HR Expert gives startups and small businesses peace of mind knowing that when they have an HR issue, they have an expert to reach out to. 

Small businesses are unique. The same HR processes that work in large enterprises may not work in a small environment. Our consultants are experienced in small business. We know what will work and what won’t. Our answers are customized to your environment and are never blanket answers pulled from a database.

The guidance you receive from My HR Expert is everything you need to execute upon whatever situation you are facing. We don’t just stop at providing an answer. We ensure you have everything you need to walk away from our interaction confident you know what you need to do.

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